Expert Group in design, construction and operations of the Ice Arenas
authorized by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation


 Expert Group SPORTENTECH 2014 specializes in: 

  • Consultancy expertise support and maintenance of the Ice Arenas projects (including multifunctional sport centers) from the concepts of layout designs to the venue  commissioning.
  • Specifications for the layout designing writing in accordance with types and levels of the 
on-venue events planning.
  • Realization of the design works by technological systems that are the parts of 
multifunctional Ice Arenas influencing the quality of ice and the planned events 
  • The actual International Sport Federations requirements realization control in designing 
and construction works of the Ice Arenas. Methodological support in specific technical and engineering solutions in case of misfit of local Construction Norms and Regulations and the actual IF requirements.
  • Independent expert evaluation of the specific equipment suppliers and contractors on 
the different technological sections of layouts based on their actual work while constructing and operating the ice arenas all over Russia (including the Sochi 2014 Olympic ice arenas).
  • Expertise of layout design documentation and equipment on the "Project" stage on the main technological sections and systems that influence the quality of the ice and the conditions of the future events: 
      • Sports technologies and sport equipment,
      • Sport lightning and audio systems,
      • Timing and scoring,
      • Cooling systems and Refrigeration plants,
      • Ventilation and air-conditioning, 
      • Water production,
      • Rink floor systems.
  • Optimization of the technical solutions and equipment specifications, included in the layouts on the Project stage for the effective cost saving construction and operations.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the project in respect of the future operations:
      • Venue zoning (optimum client flows)
      • Major facilities and operational zones layouts design: sport zones, ice making facilities, field of play, press and broadcast zones, judges and referees zones, seating bowl.
      • Spectators and other clients' flows in ingress and egress.
      • Consulting in workforce optimization based on the venue specifics and variable regimes of the venue use. 
  • Implementation of the expert control during the construction phase in terms of compliance with the standards and requirements of Russian and international sports organizations. 
  •  Methodological and consulting support in the preparation and carrying out of competitions at various levels. Venue operations plan development for the particular event or tournament.