Expert Group in design, construction and operations of the Ice Arenas
authorized by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation
            Expert Group "Sport Engineering Technologies 2014" (SPORTENTECH 2014) was founded in 2014 after the Olympic Games in Sochi, with the direct involvement of Russian specialists responsible for the preparation of the Olympic ice hockey venues and running of the Men and Women ice hockey tournaments within the Sochi 2014 Winter Games and their unique expertise and experience.

         According to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) the last Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are recognized as the most successful Games in history not only in terms of facilities sufficiency and ice hockey complex of venues readiness, but by highest level of organization of the ice hockey Olympic tournaments as well. All Ice Hockey Arenas met all the requirements and requests of the International Ice Hockey Federation and the International Olympic Committee, including the special requirements of the Olympic high standard venues. Also SPORTENTECH 2014 was authorized by Russian Ice Hockey Federation as an official Expert Group in design, construction and operations of the ice venues.

        The main goal of the Expert Group SPORTENTECH 2014 is to provide professional methodological and technical support for the design, construction and operations of modern ice arenas in Russia and Eastern Europe.

          The peculiarity of working with SPORTENTECH 2014 is the  possibility to involve our specialists at any stage of the project. Starting from the concept creation up to the stage of the venue commission and the events’ staging. Certainly our involvement on the primary stages is way more effective, because it helps to avoid possible errors in the Project, and therefore the costs of its correcting on the following stages of the project’s realization.

 The Expert Group "SPORTINTECH 2014" includes highly qualified specialists in various areas, including the official technical expert of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in the design, construction, operation and preparation of ice arenas for the high-level hockey competitions.